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Aug 22, 2013 11:00am PDT
they will take the state of texas to court to strike down the new law requiring voters to have photo i.d.'s, the second time the federal government has sued texas over the law and the first lawsuit of its kind since the supreme court struck down part of the voting rights act. the justice department says that the measure would make it harder for minorities and poor to vote. >> we have new details in the case of embattled san diego mayor. the 70-year-old is planning to step down from office tomorrow. that is according to our sister station in san diego who says it is part of a deal reached to settle a sexual harassment suit. 18 women have come forward accusing filner of harassment. the council will vote on the deal tomorrow with the former congressman resigning after that. hannah anderson is speaking to set the record trait about her kidnapping and the relateship with the kidnapper. she was taken by family friend, james dimaggio, this month. police found the bodies of her mother and her brother in dimaggio's home in san diego. anderson, the girl, and dimaggio exchanged more than a dozen
Aug 23, 2013 11:00am PDT
is to take highway 99 to merced and then go through mariposa on highway 140. >>> breaking news from texas where the army psychiatrist who went on a 2009 shooting rampage at ft. hood has been convicted of murder. major nadals hassen was convicted of killing 13 people. 30 others were wounded. the trial now enters the penalty phase where prosecutors will ask jurors to sentence hassan to death. hass >>> the fbi and oakland police are announcing a new search for an oakland toddler and have doubled the reward for information to $22,000. daphne viola webb was last seen on march 14th. she vanished from her father's car when he was in a convenience car. a new search will take place tomorrow starting at 8:00 a.m. official also release more details within the next hour. >>> happening today t appears this may be the end of the road for san diego mayor bob filner, now that 18 women have come forward accusing the mayor of unwanted sexual advances. our sister station in san diego reports that the 70-year-old embattled mayor is prepared to resign today if the city counsel approves an agreement. >>> devel
Aug 26, 2013 11:00am PDT
says there is very little doubt. >> happening now in texas, a sentencing phase is underway in the murder trial convicted army psychiatrist nidal hasan. a military jury found him guilty of premeditated murder for the 2009 ft. hood shooting that left 13 dead, and it was the most deadly mass shooting ever on the military installation. understand mad is acting at his own attorney and faces the death penalty and could be the first active duty soldier to be executed in more than 50 years. through this morning, the arizona woman convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend back in court for five minutes. she wore a black and white jump suit during her brief appearance in phoenix. the judge set a new date for pre-trial next month focusing on the penalty phase. she was found guilty in may of murdering her ex-boyfriend and the jury was not able to agree on whether to sentence her to death or to life in prison. the new jury will not hear the entire case but only to decide her fate. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> we will look outside and open up the wet weather. th
Aug 28, 2013 11:00am PDT
-old is headed to class: college. carson is a freshman at texas christian university and he is majoring in quantum physics, and says he likes numbers and they help calm him down when he is upset. he was in high school at age five will have a doctorate by age 20. ly mom is with him every day and carries his backpack full of books because carson is too small to lift them. >> he is too cool for school. >> two women from oakland are giving kid a healthy alternative to lunch kits. the two women are former teacher whose founded revolution foods, that turns out low salt, appreciative-free meal kits. >> we focus on creating the meal kit and putting real quality ingredients in there, high quality protein and grains and fruit knack. >> the two women have made build it yourself pizzas, and revolution foods has served 50 million meals. >> so that means since we are doing that story it is back-to-school time. what kind of weather? >> nothing too extreme like in other parts of the country where they are closing school because it is so hot. we probably would like warm weather for the weekend as we clo
Aug 29, 2013 11:00am PDT
, texas, please welcome amanda davis. [cheers and applause] >> hi! >> hi, amanda. >> hi. >> you have that look in your eyes like you can't quite believe where you are. >> i'm still in shock. >> yeah, $100,000 is a tremendous amount of money. >> i k
Aug 6, 2013 11:00am PDT
george w. bush is resting in texas hospital after having unplanned surgery to open a blocked artery to his heart. abc7 news reporter joins us to discuss it. >> former president bush had the surgery this morning two re-open the artery using that is called a stent, a wire tube inserted in the blockage and inflated by a balloon to re-open the passage. the block average was discovered during a test during a routine physical yesterday. "good morning america" has their medical editor explain it. >> it allows blood to glow influence the area that was obstructed. sometimes those will close off again. during the period that tube is open, it allows blood and oxygen to get to the heart muscle. >> the president did not show symptoms and will be out of the hospital tomorrow and back do his normal schedule on thursday. ironically he was one of the most physically active presidents, avid runner and bicyclist and hosts an annual 100 kilometer bicycle ride for wounded troops. former presidents get good health care but for the average person with no history of heart disease the doctor says a stress t
Aug 13, 2013 11:00am PDT
houston, texas, please welcome howard li. hey, howard. >> hey. [cheers and applause] >> i don't even know where to start with you. cow mascot, outer space. let's start with the cow mascot thing. what is that about? >> right, for a restaurant in houston, i do dress up as a cow on the weekends for a part-time job, and it is a blast. >> well, what do you like about it? >> i like that when you're in the costume, you can pretty much do whatever you want.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7